Strategic Market Analysis

By: rachel

Project: As the impetus for waste-to-energy solutions continued to grow, Emerson was looking to better understand how food waste was handled in large chain, fast casual and convenience stores (C-stores) with regard to diverting food waste from landfills by leveraging InSinkErator’s food disposer technology to turn food waste into renewable energy. These facilities continued to add more freshly-prepared food as demanded by customers, but they needed strategies to handle the increased waste. The SGE Immersion team analyzed food waste management practices and the equipment being used, as well as volume of waste produced and types of waste produced at those facilities. The team also analyzed the practices and trends that were pertinent to the creation and transportation of these food products. The team evaluated the U.S. market, what exists for current solutions and competitors, the barriers or opportunities that exist, and what the strategic implications of these different aspects would be for InSinkErator’s future growth.