Strategic Sustainability Strategy

By: rachel

Project: Insinger dishwashers were energy efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly; designed for easy operation, simple daily maintenance, and service; and delivered high rack capacities with low operating costs. In many cases, Insinger models were seen to deliver superior environmental benefits as compared to the competition. However, recent trends in the marketplace made it clear that these benefits were not translating into revenue. The SGE Immersion team developed a proactive, forward-looking sustainability strategy consisting of two elements: a strategic marketing plan and a technology evaluation process. The strategic marketing plan identified customer segments where the holistic value of Insinger products could be communicated as a more effective way to grow the company’s revenue base. The technology evaluation process was meant to assess whether there any promising technologies — either not yet commercialized or currently being applied in other industries for other uses — might revolutionize dishwashing and become a basis for developing new markets for the company.