Technology Market Assessment

By: rachel
Dow Corning

Project: Global coal demand was expected to increase over the forthcoming decades. Power generation was the fastest growing sector for coal demand, reflected by rapid growth in electricity demand which was driven by economic development and population growth. This was largely driven by China and India which had significant reserves. The US also had significant reserves and the current administration was investing significant research and development into clean coal technology. Coal was less dependent on petrochemical imports and would meet the required growth in energy production as those countries pursued or sustained economic growth. Coal is a plentiful resource and is therefore the most economic fuel choice in many cases around the world. However, its use has raised environmental concerns, one of which is related to increasing carbon dioxide emissions or clean air. This has driven the need to identify potential options to mitigate global CO2 emissions. Clean Coal Technology had been positioned as a “cleaner” alternative for the production of power. The SGE Immersion team assessed the coal market to understand how clean coal technology was expected to impact this market from a global perspective. The assessment included a full market analysis, a competitive map for relevant products/services, and a situational analysis with identified gaps and opportunities.