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Laurie Sedgwick, Director of Career Management for Executive MBA Programs and Alumni

Dec 07 2016

Introducing A Fantastic Career Management Team

Laurie Sedgwick, Director of Career Management for Executive MBA Programs and Alumni

By Laurie Sedgwick, Director of Career Management for Executive MBA Programs and Alumni

It’s no secret that Johnson’s deeply collaborative, community-based culture is what distinguishes Cornell’s executive MBA programs from others.

In early November, our entire EMBA career management team joined the Cornell Executive MBA Americas Class of 2017 for their final residency: the Global Business Session. Our team of career coaches was given the opportunity to interact with EMBA students during breaks and after class. We were also able to schedule time for career strategy meetings. Most EMBAs are ready to hit the ground running on their career development process once class work subsides—and we were there to help.

Allow me to introduce my team of coaches. You’ll get to know them during and after your Cornell executive MBA journey:

Executive MBA Career Management Team

Executive MBA Career Management team from left to right: Liz Colodny, Nina Lukin, Laurie Sedgwick, Amy-Louise Barber, and Nicole Woodward.

Nicole Woodard

Nicole spent 10+ years on Wall Street, completed a stint as a writer and producer with the BBC, and is certified by Columbia University as an executive coach—and that’s truly her professional gift: executive coaching. We’re grateful to have Nicole guiding Cornell EMBAs through their career paths and on an executive trajectory.

Liz Colodny

Liz (Kellogg MBA) offers years of experience in corporate America working in talent development for Fortune 500’s finest. Liz has a keen eye for honing in on performance inhibitors and capitalizing on key strengths to achieve top performance. Liz is also a certified executive coach in addition to her certification in Hogan Assessments.

Nina Lukin

Nina is a Johnson graduate with 19 years of exceptional leadership experience in banking (M&T), strategy (Fisher-Price/Mattel), and consulting (Deloitte). Nina is an expert in guiding EMBAs to determine whether a career in consulting is right for them and if so, helping them get there. Nina is known for having an exceptional connection with EMBAs—she delivers candid and direct feedback to students with winning results.

I have been privileged to lead this outstanding team that supports EMBAs on their career journeys. My background reflects experience in the United States Army (from which I resigned after a six-year career at the rank of captain in communications intelligence), the non-profit arena, a biotech startup, and executive search. My own diverse and winding career path allows me to best guide and advise mid-career professionals in their career choices and crossroad decisions.

In alignment with Johnson’s tight-knit culture, our team prioritizes getting to know every student in the program and providing tailored coaching to facilitate any career goal—whether it’s to advance in one’s current path, transition to a new function or industry, or explore entrepreneurial ventures.

I invite you to learn more about how our current students and alumni are leveraging Johnson’s Career Management Center resources to advance their careers.

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