Cornell Tech MBA

A revolutionary model for graduate business education in a digital world.

Combine the best of both worlds — a summer in Ithaca, NY then two fast-paced semesters in New York City at the Cornell Tech campus.

Who should apply?

This program is right for you if you truly grasp the digital economy and have solid experience and proven success within tech companies or in tech initiatives in traditional companies. This kind of work experience is vital, as you will be a resource for others —your fellow MBA students, the companies you’ll interact with, and students in other Cornell Tech Master’s programs.

This is the perfect MBA for people who:
  • know how to adopt, navigate, exploit, and optimize technology
  • have the skills, savvy, ideas, and ambition to achieve great success
  • believe that being better versed in business will help them realize their goals

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Program Format

This program embraces and leads with the digital economy. You’ll learn the foundations of business, but taught in the context of its role in today’s global digital economy. One day you’ll be in the classroom learning timeless MBA essentials and the next you’ll be leading a team of cross-disciplinary professionals troubleshooting a real-world challenge for an international corporation or a cutting-edge startup. It’s incredibly intense, amazingly collaborative, and definitely nontraditional. Courses are taught sequentially in one month modules, while start-up, enterprise and career-directed projects are completed concurrently.

It’s a one-year program in the heart of New York City’s global tech hub. That’s half the time of a traditional MBA, but with twice the intensity.

Program Highlights

  • The program begins in May on the Cornell campus in Ithaca, NY, where you’ll complete a business fundamentals and leadership curriculum, begin innovation and entrepreneurial content, and forge the bonds that will last a lifetime.
  • In fall, winter, and spring, the program continues in New York City.
  • MBA candidates engage other Cornell Tech master’s candidates in shared courses and projects, with ample time for collaborative learning and network building.
  • Through business projects, you and your project team solve issues or capitalize on innovation opportunities for startups and larger corporations.
  • Courses are taught in intensive, multi-week modules. They include Social Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking, Principled Leadership, Tech Innovation, Digital Marketing, and more.

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The Curriculum

Summer semester in Ithaca
  • Prework: self-paced study of Statistics and Economics
  • May: testing for Statistics and Economics, NYC Intro, Leadership
  • June: Accounting, Critical Thinking, Tech Innovations
  • July: Finance, Strategy, Skills Clinics
  • August: Marketing, Big Data Analytics, Integrative Case
Fall semester in NYC
  • August through December: Startup Project (ideation, team forming, proof of concept) and Existing Enterprise Project
  • August: Boot Camp
  • September: Product Management with technical degree students, Design Thinking, Operations
  • October: Principled Leadership, Digital Marketing, Tech Strategy
  • November: Agility, FSA/Valuations
  • December: Experiential Learning — Global Tech and Negotiations
Spring semester in NYC
  • Early January: Global trek to Israel, Entrepreneurial Finance
  • January to May: Career-directed Project Concentration/Focus
  • February: Connective Media / Healthy Living, Macroeconomics
  • March: Social Entrepreneurship, Cost Accounting
  • April: Product/Software Development Process, Agility
  • May: Sales and Business Development, Small Business Operations

Student Blogs
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