What can the combination of a Master of Health Administration and an MBA do for you?

Healthcare—the largest industry in the U.S.—is growing rapidly in both size and scope. The combination of Cornell's Sloan MHA and MBA—accomplished in just two years—couples a strong foundation in general management with specialized knowledge in healthcare. Armed with powerful knowledge, skills, and applied experience, our dual-degree graduates have a distinct edge and great flexibility in shaping a dynamic and meaningful career. In addition to management positions in a wide range of healthcare organizations, our graduates also hold positions in the pharmaceutical industry, health insurance, management consulting, financial institutions, state and federal policy agencies, and more.

The Johnson MBA provides a solid base in all the functional areas of business—accounting, finance, economics, marketing, operations management, strategy, and leadership. In addition, the school offers the flexibility to tailor your own curriculum and the opportunity to develop expertise in specialized areas that, when combined with healthcare, can provide unique and highly valuable strengths. Among these are entrepreneurship, consulting, finance, and sustainable global enterprise. Johnson emphasizes performance learning—exceptionally valuable hands-on experience in which students apply theoretical frameworks to real business problems with responsibility for outcomes.

The Sloan Master of Health Administration (MHA) delivers a comprehensive foundation in the health field and—like Johnson—encourages students to tailor their program to their own goals. Specialized health focused courses are offered in a number of areas including health care organizations, finance, organizational behavior and human resources management, health policy, health care ethics, legal aspects of health care, quality improvement, comparative health systems, physician practice management, long term care, health facility planning, and supply chain management. The MHA program also provides numerous resources for practical experience that set the Sloan Program apart from its peers.

Why Cornell?

When you graduate from Cornell, you add the university's distinguished Ivy League pedigree and reputation for innovative, independent thinking to your resume. Both the Johnson MBA program and the Sloan Program in Health Administration have a long and distinguished history of leadership and excellence in their fields. Both are also at the forefront of new opportunity—advancing knowledge and practice in their fields. Both programs are deliberately small and intensely collaborative, offering exceptional applied learning opportunities and the chance to work in small, dynamic teams.

Cornell graduates benefit from a vast, extremely loyal, actively engaged network of alumni who share knowledge and open doors for one another. The Johnson Alumni Network, Sloan Alumni Association, Cornell Alumni Association, and other alumni groups focused on specific interest areas are located throughout the US and the world. Among the latter, Entrepreneurship@Cornell and its affiliated Cornell Entrepreneur Network provide opportunities to connect with colleagues and to acquire skills and information that apply to both for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.

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