Research Centers & Institutes

Link to the Parker Center for Investment Research

Parker Center for Investment Research

The Parker Center for Investment Research is widely acknowledged to be at the pinnacle of graduate education in investment research and asset management.

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Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise

At the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise, we view solutions to environmental and social problems as business opportunities, not a cost of doing business.

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Link to the Emerging Markets Institute

Emerging Markets Institute

At the Emerging Markets Institute, we provide thought leadership on the role of emerging markets—and emerging market multinationals—in the global economy.

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Link to The Smith Family Business Initiative at Cornell

The Smith Family Business Initiative at Cornell

Connecting students, alumni and business owners from family and privately held enterprises from across the globe.

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Johnson BusinessFeed

Four students stand in front of a large temple in Thailand
June 30, 2020

Spring trek combines Asian culture, real estate, and infrastructure

Emile Schachter, MPS-RE ’20 (Baker), reflects on Asian culture, economics, and the real estate market after his trek to Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Students pose in traditional Korean ‘hanbok’ formal attire
June 8, 2020

Japan-Korea trek focuses on business strategy in wines and spirits

Students in Johnson’s residential MBA programs traveled to Japan and Korea, identifying international business opportunities in wine and spirits.

A wall painting showing Indian women using a mask to protect from Covad-19, and an Indian Women walking talking in the phone
June 2, 2020

COVID-19’s impact on India

EMI intern Srishti Mutha explains COVID-19s impact on the well-being of thousands of people, education, the economy, and the environment in India.