Accessible, global,
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As a working professional, you know that an executive MBA program can take your career to the highest levels of leadership.

Cornell offers four executive MBA programs, and three of which award dual degrees.

Each program features a unique curriculum and classroom experience to meet the needs of students who are also employed full time.

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Choosing an executive MBA program is an important decision, one that involves many factors related to personal and professional experiences, career pursuits, and logistics. Explore our EMBA programs to see which one is right for you.

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Executive MBA Americas

The EMBA Americas program, offered in partnership with Queen’s University in Canada, is a program that connects you with classmates throughout North and South America as you take live classes with your local city’s cohort.

Location: Select cities in North and South America. Attend classes every other Saturday and Sunday at your local boardroom. Interact via live videoconferencing with classmates in other international cities.

Curriculum: General management through a global lens—applicable to any industry or job function

Degrees awarded: An MBA from Cornell and an MBA from Queen’s

Duration: 17 months plus completion of a final project

Start date: Late June

Format: Saturday/Sunday classes with four residential sessions at varying locations

Immersive opportunities: International travel for the Global Business Project

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Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership

The EMBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership program, offered in partnership with the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, builds general management skills and a deeper understanding of the healthcare industry.

Location: New York City. Weekend classes are held every other Saturday and Sunday at the Tata Innovation Center on the Cornell Tech campus.

Curriculum: Business breadth and healthcare depth to facilitate change in the healthcare industry, broadly defined

Degrees awarded: An MBA and an MS in Healthcare Leadership from Cornell University

Duration: 22 months

Start date: July

Format: Saturday/Sunday classes with four residential sessions in varying locations

Immersive opportunities: Signature industry events and a client-based capstone project

Tsinghua student wearing a Cornell sweater

In addition to the three programs above, Johnson also offers the Cornell-Tsinghua Finance MBA program based primarily in China and in partnership with the PBC School of Finance at Tsinghua University. Note that applications for this bilingual program must be submitted through Tsinghua University.

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