Immersive, Innovative, and Impactful: Discover Why the Johnson School Might Be Right for You

An enduring legacy of innovation. An expansive alumni network. An enriching academic experience. These are just a few reasons the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management might appeal to you.

As you research and compare graduate programs, you have a lot to consider. You might be thinking, “Why Cornell?” MBA, Executive MBA, Master of Professional Studies, and other graduate-level business degree options abound, after all. 

Earning a degree from one of the most respected, highly ranked, and recognized institutions in the nation will set you apart. But it’s about more than an Ivy League education; it’s also about the professional connections you’ll forge, the personal growth you’ll experience, and the positive impact you’ll make in your field—even before you graduate.

Cornell Connections: Grow Your Network, Expand Your Opportunities

On and off campus, before and after graduation, you’ll benefit from the Johnson School’s extensive outreach and far-ranging influence. Here are just a few of the many ways Cornell connects you to others—and to opportunity.

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Expansive Big Red Alumni Network

Wherever you live, work, travel, or do business, you’re likely to cross paths with a fellow Cornellian. After graduation, not only will you join the Johnson School’s vibrant alumni community, but you will also become part of Cornell’s Big Red Network—a globe-spanning group of more than 150,000. But these connections begin long before you graduate; Johnson School alumni serve as career mentors, guest speakers, and internship supervisors; they even help shape and grow our curriculum.

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Engaged Employers & Industry Partners

Strong ties to the business community, lasting relationships with leaders in nearly every sector, and a physical location in one of the world’s largest economic centers means you have access to a level of real-world learning experiences unique to the Johnson School, from coveted summer internships with multinational firms to pitch competitions judged by successful entrepreneurs. These same relationships fuel our Career Management team’s recruiting activity and career placement success.

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Enriching Campus Collaborations

Business is interdisciplinary—and the Johnson School is one high-ranking school among many at Cornell University. You’ll have a chance to learn alongside classmates and faculty members from across campus in many ways, including electives, studio courses, and research projects. Our unique dual-degree programs—in fields like healthcare, law, and engineering—also highlight the Johnson School’s collaborative approach to education, innovation, and career advancement.

Industry Advantages: Build Your Expertise, Boost Your Career

Our renowned faculty has a wide range of professional experience and research interests—and the Johnson School is especially known for consulting, entrepreneurship, investment banking/asset management, and technology. No matter which degree program you choose, you’ll benefit from this deep industry expertise.


About 30 percent of Johnson School graduates pursue careers in consulting—and they leave well-prepared for it. Project-based consulting courses, a Management Consulting Immersion, and an array of other valuable experiences build the essential analytical, communication, and critical thinking skills needed to help companies grow or transform.


Cornell has always been known for innovation, and the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem within the Johnson School is a testament to that enduring creative spirit. From pitch competitions and design studios to commercialization partnerships with other programs, ideas turn into action.

Investment Banking

Investment bankers are trusted advisors to companies of all sizes. Through courses and practical experiences, you’ll develop knowledge in capital markets and modern financial methods. With close ties to Wall Street, you’ll have access to high-caliber internship placements—and post-graduation employment.


While some graduate business programs might offer a tech-related class here or there, the Johnson School embeds technology throughout the academic experience. We also offer several STEM-designated degrees, including the one-year Johnson Cornell Tech MBA. As a pioneer in distance learning, we also embrace educational technology.

The Student Experience: Learn and Thrive in the Johnson School Community

Whether you’re studying on campus in a residential graduate program, taking classes in New York City at Cornell Tech, or learning from afar through a hybrid program, you’ll be part of a vibrant learning community. In fact, the Johnson School was ranked No. 1 for Best Campus Environment in the Princeton Review’s 2023 B-School rankings.

At the Johnson School, students have many ways to connect with classmates, professors, and the broader Cornell community, such as:

  • Sage Socials (recurring networking events in our main academic building)
  • Coffee in the Sage Hall atrium (daily casual meetups)
  • Webinars and networking events
  • Dozens of student clubs and organizations
  • Campus-wide events such as Homecoming

Ithaca is a bustling college town, and the greater Finger Lakes region has much to see and do.

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Our People: Hear from Johnson School Alumni and Students

Unforgettable lectures. Remarkable professors. Immersive learning experiences. Access to outdoor adventure. A strong sense of community. These are just a few of the many things Johnson School alumni and students value about their academic experience.

Chloe Lai MBA ’24

Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
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Biography for Chloe Lai MBA ’24

“When I was a prospective student, I was drawn to the two-year MBA program at Johnson because of the strong sense of community I felt from the students, faculty, and staff. I was impressed by the way students spoke genuinely and highly about Johnson’s community, and I could tell that they were excited to be here.” — Chloe Lai MBA ’24

Chukwujindu Awele Juwah MBA ’24

Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
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Biography for Chukwujindu Awele Juwah MBA ’24

“[My favorite thing about the program is] the people—not just the students, who are incredible, brilliant, and personable, but also the professors, who are unimaginably passionate about what they teach. The combination of remarkable professors and classmates makes for engaging and unforgettable lectures, and some of my most memorable moments so far in Ithaca have been in classes.” — Chukwujindu Awele Juwah MBA ’24

Frank Hager MBA ’24

Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
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Biography for Frank Hager MBA ’24

“The collaborative nature of the Johnson MBA is evident throughout our Investment Banking Immersion. The majority of our learning comes outside of the classroom as we prepare presentations and slide decks while learning from our teammates’ collective experiences.” — Frank Hager MBA ’24

Laura Ardizzone MBA/MS ’24

Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
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Biography for Laura Ardizzone MBA/MS ’24

“The access to alumni, career services, and really excellent professors has been so helpful. I would also be remiss if I didn’t talk about my fellow students—I learn so much from them each and every day. This is a team-based program, so the learning that happens is unparalleled.” — Laura Ardizzone MBA/MS ’24

Rashida Malcolm Bradley MBA/MS ’23

Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
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Biography for Rashida Malcolm Bradley MBA/MS ’23

“My favorite thing about the Johnson School is the world-class faculty, administration, and staff. This top-notch team of professionals has created a collegiate experience that truly supports and values the students in their professional, personal, and entrepreneurial endeavors.” — Rashida Malcolm Bradley MBA/MS ’23

M'Kayl Lewis MBA/MS ’23

Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
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Biography for M'Kayl Lewis MBA/MS ’23

“The most impactful parts of my time in the EMBA/MS program include the instruction from top-notch professors and the access to experienced leaders, peers, and mentors.” — M'Kayl Lewis MBA/MS ’23

Elina Hur PhD ’23

Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
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Biography for Elina Hur PhD ’23

“PhD is a marathon, not a sprint, and collaborating with great people is paramount. At Cornell, I’ve found a place where amazing people come together, supporting my research and personal growth. Choosing Cornell means joining a community that knows how important it is to work with exceptional people to excel in the program.” — Elina Hur PhD ’23

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Johnson School Faculty: Learn from Leading Scholars and Practitioners

Whether teaching or leading, whether in the classroom or in the boardroom, our faculty members make a difference in their fields of study—and in the lives of others. 

Johnson School faculty publish and present their scholarly work extensively, and they’re the experts the mainstream media call upon for input and commentary on business trends and global economic issues. Many are active practitioners, leading companies of all shapes and sizes. All of this rich professional experience and cutting-edge research informs their teaching; our faculty members are expert educators who care about your success in the classroom and in your career.

Meet our Faculty
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Johnson School Programs: Explore Your Options

Whether you’re an emerging leader looking to advance your career, an established professional interested in gaining specialized skills, or a recent bachelor’s-level graduate wishing to continue your education, we likely have a program that fits your goals. 

The Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management offers a variety of master’s, doctoral, and dual master’s degrees. We encourage you to explore our options and see why the Johnson School might be right for you.

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