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September 2014 Table of Contents

From the Editor

Gerald F. Davis
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  • Beyond Occupational Differences: The Importance of Cross-cutting Demographics and Dyadic Toolkits for Collaboration in a U.S. Hospital
    Julia DiBenigno and Katherine C. Kellogg

  • Coordinated Exploration: Organizing Joint Search by Multiple Specialists to Overcome Mutual Confusion and Joint Myopia
    Thorbjørn Knudsen and Kannan Srikanth

  • Founding Teams as Carriers of Competing Logics: When Institutional Forces Predict Banks’ Risk Exposure
    Juan Almandoz

  • Functions of Dysfunction: Managing the Dynamics of an Organizational Duality in a Natural Food Cooperative
    Blake E. Ashforth and Peter H. Reingen

  • Organizational Forms and Multi-population Dynamics: Economic Transition in China
    Dean Xu, Jane W. Lu, and Qian Gu

  • Publications Received
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Book Reviews

Majken Schultz, Steve Maguire, Ann Langley, and Haridimos Tsoukas, eds.: Constructing Identity in and around Organizations
Kimberly D. Elsbach

Timothy Werner: Public Forces and Private Politics in American Big Business
Mark S. Mizruchi

Yuri Takhteyev: Coding Places: Software Practice in a South American City
Asaf Darr

Michael L. Barnett and Timothy G. Pollock, eds.: The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Reputation
Forrest Briscoe

Asli M. Colpan, Takashi Hikino, and James R. Lincoln, eds.: The Oxford Handbook of Business Groups
Sea-Jin Chang

Kevin Stainback and Donald Tomaskovic-Devey: Documenting Desegregation: Racial and Gender Segregation in Private-sector Employment since the Civil Rights Act
Nancy DiTomaso

Archie B. Carroll, Kenneth J. Lipartito, James E. Post, Patricia H. Werhane, and Kenneth E. Goodpaster: Corporate Responsibility: The American Experience
Glen Dowell

Mauro F. Guillén and Emilio Ontiveros: Global Turning Points: Understanding the Challenges for Business in the 21st Century
Francesco Duina

Craig R. Scott: Anonymous Agencies, Backstreet Businesses, and Covert Collectives: Rethinking Organizations in the 21st Century
Paul C. Godfrey

Karin Knorr Cetina and Alex Preda, eds.: The Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Finance
Christopher Marquis

Finn Brunton: Spam: A Shadow History of the Internet
Mikolaj Jan Piskorski

Rodolphe Durand and Jean-Philippe Vergne: The Pirate Organization: Lessons from the Fringes of Capitalism
Victor P. Seidel