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December 2014 Table of Contents


  • What’s Love Got to Do with It? A Longitudinal Study of the Culture of Companionate Love and Employee and Client Outcomes in a Long-term Care Setting
    Sigal G. Barsade and Olivia A. O’Neill

  • Portfolios of Political Ties and Business Group Strategy in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Taiwan
    Hongjin Zhu and Chi-Nien Chung

  • Imprint–environment Fit and Performance: How Organizational Munificence at the Time of Hire Affects Subsequent Job Performance 
    András Tilcsik

  • Derivatives and Deregulation: Financial Innovation and the Demise of Glass–Steagall
    Russell J. Funk and Daniel Hirschman

  • The Contaminating Effects of Building Instrumental Ties: How Networking Can Make Us Feel Dirty
    Tiziana Casciaro, Francesca Gino, and Maryam Kouchaki

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Book Reviews

Gerald George and Adam J. Bock: Models of Opportunity: How Entrepreneurs Design Firms to Achieve the Unexpected
Jonathan T. Eckhardt

Melody Rose, ed.: Women and Executive Office: Pathways and Performance
Hannah Riley Bowles

Mark S. Mizruchi: The Fracturing of the American Corporate Elite
Neil Fligstein

Denise M. Rousseau, ed.: The Oxford Handbook of Evidence-based Management
Sim B. Sitkin and Christina A. Rader

Nancy DiTomaso: The American Non-Dilemma: Racial Inequality without Racism
Brian Lowery

Steven G. Mandis: What Happened to Goldman Sachs: An Insider’s Story of Organizational Drift and Its Unintended Consequences
Alexandra Michel

Kathleen M. Blee: Democracy in the Making: How Activist Groups Form
Fabio Rojas

Damon J. Phillips: Shaping Jazz: Cities, Labels, and the Global Emergence of an Art Form
Heather A. Haveman

Joseph R. Blasi, Richard B. Freeman, and Douglas L. Kruse: The Citizen’s Share: Putting Ownership Back into Democracy
Kevin P. Gaughan and Paul M. Hirsch