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March 2017 Table of Contents


  • The Elephant (or Donkey) in the Boardroom: How Board Political Ideology Affects CEO Pay
    Abhinav Gupta and Adam J. Wowak

  • It’s about Time! CEOs’ Temporal Dispositions, Temporal Leadership, and Corporate Entrepreneurship
    Jianhong Chen and Sucheta Nadkarni

  • The Dynamics of Political Embeddedness in China
    Heather A. Haveman, Nan Jia, Jing Shi, and Yongxiang Wang

  • Prominent but Less Productive: The Impact of Interdisciplinarity on Scientists’ Research
    Erin Leahey, Christine M. Beckman, and Taryn L. Stanko

  • The Non-consensus Entrepreneur: Organizational Responses to Vital Events
    Elizabeth G. Pontikes and William P. Barnett

  • Cooperating without Co-laboring: How Formal Organizational Power Moderates Cross-functional Interaction in Project Teams
    Trevor Young-Hyman

  • Publications Received

Book Reviews

Book Review Essay: Economic Sociology as the New Dismal Science
Gerald F. Davis: The Vanishing American Corporation: Navigating the Hazards of a New Economy, and Yuval Levin: The Fractured Republic: Renewing America’s Social Contract in the Age of Individualism
Bruce Kogut

Daniel B. Cornfield: Beyond the Beat: Musicians Building Community in Nashville
Amir Goldberg

Maria Goranova and Lori Verstegen Ryan (eds.), Shareholder Empowerment: A New Era in Corporate Governance
Laurence Capron