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June 2015 Table of Contents


  • Editorial Essay: What Is Organizational Research For?
    Gerald F. Davis 

  • The Impact of Culture on Creativity: How Cultural Tightness and Cultural Distance Affect Global Innovation Crowdsourcing Work
    Roy Y. J. Chua, Yannig Roth, and Jean-François Lemoine

  • Disentangling Risk and Change: Internal and External Social Comparison in the Mutual Fund Industry
    Aleksandra Kacperczyk, Christine M. Beckman, and Thomas P. Moliterno

  • To Hive or to Hold: Producing Professional Authority through Scut Work
    Ruthanne Huising

  • Social Activism and Practice Diffusion: How Activist Tactics Affect Non-targeted Organizations
    Forrest Briscoe, Abhinav Gupta, and Mark S. Anner

  • Marks of Distinction: Framing and Audience Appreciation in the Context of Investment Advice
    Simona Giorgi and Klaus Weber

  • Corrigendum
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Book Reviews

Book Review Essay: The Environmental Crisis and Its Capitalist Roots: Reading Naomi Klein with Karl Polanyi—Naomi Klein: This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate
Paul S. Adler

Edward T. Walker: Grassroots for Hire: Public Affairs Consultants in American Democracy
Marissa King

Peter Fleming: Resisting Work: The Corporatization of Life and Its Discontents
Matthew Bidwell

Betsy Leondar-Wright: Missing Class: How Seeing Class Cultures Can Strengthen Social Movement Groups
Fabio Rojas

Akos Rona-Tas and Alya Guseva: Plastic Money: Constructing Markets for Credit Cards in Eight Postcommunist Countries
Christopher Yenkey