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photo of Kaitlin Woolley
October 23, 2020

Present Value: Kaitlin Woolley on achieving goals and connecting around food

Marketing Professor Kaitlin Woolley discusses her research on goal pursuit, information avoidance, and how food facilitates social connection.

graphic treatment of this text: 10 Years. Emerging Markets Institute: Building Bridges and Encouraging Dialogue
October 22, 2020

Celebrating the Emerging Markets Institute on its 10th Anniversary

Emerging Markets Institute directors highlight the exceptional learning opportunities, research, reach, and reputation EMI has achieved in ten years.

October 22, 2020

Moody’s, Fiserv announced as inaugural sponsors of Fintech at Cornell Initiative

The Cornell SC Johnson College of Business is pleased to announce that Moody’s Inc. and Fiserv have agreed to serve as the inaugural sponsors of Fintech at Cornell—a new initiative of the college. Building from college-wide strengths and university collaborations, Fintech at Cornell intends to become a leader in financial technology research, education, and industry […]

Administrative Science Quarterly cover - January 2019

Administrative Science Quarterly

ASQ regularly publishes the best theoretical and empirical papers based on dissertations and on the evolving and new work of more established scholars.

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The Johnson Scholar

The Johnson Scholar

A listing of scholarly research that includes published or forthcoming articles in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, and scholarly books produced by Johnson Faculty.

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