Dual-Degree Programs

Shape your expertise and MBA experience

Earn your MBA and an additional Cornell master’s degree in a discipline such as law, engineering, health administration, real estate, or others.

Acquire a powerful combination of knowledge and skills and put yourself on the fast track in your chosen career with one of our dual degree programs.

Here at Cornell University, you can earn an MBA along with another Cornell degree in a compressed timeframe. Because of the flexibility in Johnson's MBA curriculum and the breadth and depth of knowledge available through Cornell University's nearly 100 academic departments, you can tailor a dual degree program to meet your interests and goals.

Johnson students have a track record of success with these dual graduate degrees:

Combining an MBA with other graduate degrees also can be a powerful way to add high level business skills to specialized knowledge.

Johnson also offers a five-year program, giving a few exceptional undergraduates the opportunity to earn an MBA along with their bachelor's degree.

Learn how to apply and what is required.