What can the combination of an MD and an MBA do for you?

Many of our alumni who have earned an MBA in addition to an MD have developed entrepreneurial ventures in medically related fields such as drug delivery, diagnostic processes, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. For these individuals, our robust core curriculum provides a critical foundation of knowledge and skills that enables them to develop successful ventures.

Other doctors, especially those who establish large practices, find that having a business perspective and developing strong leadership and management skills helps them to run efficient, smooth-running practices that achieve high levels of patient and employee satisfaction and financial success in an environment fraught with constant change.

Why Cornell? An MBA in one year.

Johnson offers MD students from all medical schools, including Cornell Weill Medical College, the opportunity to undertake our One-Year MBA program, a rigorous one-year MBA program beginning in May and graduating in the following May. Typically, medical students enroll in the One-Year MBA program between the third and fourth year of medical school. Because our One-Year MBA program applies 15 advanced standing credit hours from the MD program, those who undertake the MBA/MD must complete the MD before the MBA is awarded.

The Johnson One-Year MBA program is distinctive in that it is designed for individuals who already have advanced degrees in scientific or technical fields and have strong quantitative skills as well as proven leadership ability. Here you will find peers who stimulate and challenge you, both among One-Year MBAs and our Two-Year MBA students, and you will become part of a lifelong network of engaged Cornell alumni.

Learn more about the Lee Family MD/MBA and PhD/MBA dual degree program offered through Cornell Weill Medical College or contact your medical school to learn how you can arrange to undertake the Cornell One-Year MBA.

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