MBA/MPS in Real Estate

What can the combination of an MBA and an MPS in real estate do for you?

Combining specialized knowledge in many facets of real estate with a strong general management foundation gives dual-degree graduates a powerful set of knowledge and skills. This pair of credentials not only gives graduates a distinct edge, but also increases flexibility in career options.

The professional master's degree in real estate delivers a comprehensive foundation in the field, incorporating the perspectives of developer, owner, investor, financier, operator, and user. In addition, it confers knowledge of all the specialized disciplines that apply in the industry: architecture, construction management, development, finance, investment and deal structuring, law, transactions, property management, urban economics, and planning.

The MBA provides a sound base in all the functional areas of businessaccounting, finance, economics, marketing, operations management, strategy, and leadership. Building on these, the program enables individuals to strengthen their leadership ability, as well as to add specialized knowledge in entrepreneurship, sustainable global enterprise, consulting, and other areas.

Why Cornell?

Cornell's Baker Program in Real Estate and Johnson Graduate School of Management are widely acknowledged to be among the nation's premier programs. Both are deliberately small and intensely collaborative, and offer exceptional applied-learning opportunities.

Cornell graduates benefit from a huge, loyal, engaged network of alumni who share knowledge and open doors for one another. The Cornell Real Estate Council is one of the largest university-based networks of real estate professionals in the world. Entrepreneurship@Cornell and its affiliated Cornell Entrepreneur Network provide opportunities to connect with colleagues and acquire cutting-edge knowledge.

Program Structure and Curriculum

The MBA/MPS-Real Estate dual degree program offers a way to combine credits and complete the degrees at a accelerated pace. Below is a convenient chart for comparing the features of the master's degree in real estate along with the MBA-dual-degree option.

Three-Year Dual Degree: Master's in Real Estate and MBA

Degree(s) Awarded
Cornell University Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate and MBA

Application Process
Apply to Baker Program in Real Estate and MBA programs concurrently

Admissions Requirements
Bachelor's degree, GMAT or GRE, interview. International students must submit a TEOFL or IELTS as well.

6 semester + 2 summer internship

Start Date

Who should Apply
Intended for those who want a career in real estate that will strongly utilize general management skills. Provides the opportunity to explore the wide array of real estate classes, concentration choices, and immersions the university has to offer.