Jess Smith, MPS ‘18

Jess Smith, MPS ‘18

Hometown: West Chester, PA
Undergraduate School: Ithaca College
Post Cornell Employer: PwC
Favorite Hobbies: Playing field hockey, running, hiking, admiring the great outdoors

“Don’t be afraid to talk to your professors and peers; they understand what you are going through and not only are great resources, but form a great support network, too.”

How has the flexibility and personalization of this program helped you pursue your goals?

The flexibility of this program has allowed me to take a variety of classes—from learning how to model financial statements, with MBA students, to learning how to manage teams, in the Hotel School. As a student who is also trying to complete the CPA exam, I find it nice to take accounting classes that will also help me on the exams and classes that are not strictly accounting-based.

What advice would you give to a student entering into this program?

I would tell an incoming student that it's important to set your goals early in this program, because of the one-year timeframe. Whatever your goals may be, there are people, resources, and courses to aid you.

What resources in this program have helped you the most?

Angela Petrucco, our program career adviser, has been helpful for resume help and career questions. The Johnson registrar staff also helped me when I had registration questions and needed to add a class. And, of course, Jack Little, the program director, is someone you can ask any and all questions, regarding everything from classes to career help.

Describe your interactions and experience with the program director, Professor Jack Little.

Jack has been supportive and is very interested in the success of each student! From the very beginning of my application process, Jack helped make my transition to Cornell smooth. He is very approachable and wants the best for all students. Jack has also given me valuable advice for the CPA exam. He is a great director and mentor for students interested in the accounting field.