Beverly Sastri, MBA ’88: Power Source Now

Live like you mean it!

Live like you mean it!

by Irene Kim

Beverly Sastri, MBA '88: Power Source Now

Ever know someone who could zig and zag with life’s curve balls, who seemed to have nothing but good luck? According to Beverly Sastri, anyone can be like that. The basic tenet of her peak-performance training: By letting our core truth guide our intellect, and by attuning ourselves to life’s ebb and flow, we can be ready when serendipitous events come along.

The story of Sastri’s startup illustrates her philosophy perfectly. She initially had no plans to launch a business. It started with a series of personal-development courses that Sastri took as a marketing director with Warner-Lambert in the late 1990s. “The course focused on the ways in which people consciously and unconsciously create the good, the bad, and the ugly in their lives,” she says.

Sastri began thinking about the idea within the context of the Asian philosophies she’d studied in college: Buddhism, Tao, Hinduism, and Shinto, which advocate the importance of acting in alignment with larger universal dynamics and truths. Friends noticed that Sastri was handling challenges more effectively and with less stress; a casual sharing of her ideas led eventually to workshops to help others emulate her lead.

Sastri took an enhanced severance package from Warner-Lambert/ Pfizer in 2001 and in 2003 founded Power Source Now, LLC, to offer peak-performance training. In 2008, she added marketing consulting and project management. Her Johnson MBA, says Sastri, gave her the confidence to launch her business, and a familiarity with the challenges faced by business leaders.

“Your life is propelled forward when you identify and live from the core truth of who you are, what you value, and what you want to create,” Sastri says, adding that business success follows a similar pattern. “When a company is exquisitely clear about its mission, vision, and values, it stands out from the competition: Senior management is passionate, focused and team-oriented, and the company attracts employees who are talented, passionate, hardworking, and creative.”