Develop Practical Skills through Performance-Based Education

by Kanon Armstrong, MBA ’13

Kanon Armstrong, MBA '13

Having taken ‘Management Cases and Problem Solving Process’ prior to my summer internship, I can say that this course played a pivotal role in my internship success, and ultimately, my full-time job offer from a large multi-national life sciences company. This class specifically helped me to:

Understand Multiple, Complex Business Frames: Through weekly business case analyses and a semester-long case-based project, I was exposed to numerous real-world business issues. The variety and complexity of these problems helped me develop broader business analysis skills and gain a deeper understanding of numerous key case factors.

Present Like a Pro: There are several presentations throughout the course, and each one is an opportunity to improve your skills. By the end of the semester, I improved my ability to present complex business analysis, practiced different techniques for presenting qualitative and quantitative data, and received actionable feedback to continuously improve this essential skill.

During my summer internship, I learned about how little I knew. The complexity of the life sciences industry can be mind-boggling; however, I knew how to study its different dimensions. Frameworks helped me to identify knowledge gaps and ask the right questions. By better understanding my employer’s business frame, I was able to find and share meaningful data, and successfully complete my internship project.

I also had several opportunities to present to my peers, my supervisor, and my supervisor’s supervisor. Each presentation was an opportunity to make a good impression, and thankfully my practice paid off. It helped me communicate my logic in a concise manner and prove to my evaluators that I was able to think at the executive level.

I think this course equips students with essential skills to succeed during their summer internship and beyond – and I recommend it to all regardless of their career ambitions.