Angus McKenzie

Angus McKenzie, MPS ’19

Program: MPS in Management – Accounting Specialization

“The unity behind the school, college, and university is unparalleled. As the class agent for the class campaign, I saw firsthand how involved and passionate the alumni community really is, further confirming that your Cornell experience doesn’t end at graduation, but starts.” 

Hometown: Christchurch, New Zealand
Undergraduate education: Accounting, University of Kentucky
Post-Cornell employer: Ernst & Young, Atlanta, People Advisory Services–Mobility
Favorite hobbies: Running half marathons, cooking, reading, and horse racing

What’s unique about your class cohort?

“Having students from different majors and universities really added diversity to the cohort. Everyone was eager to make the most of their graduate experience and take advantage of everything that Johnson had to offer. Attending events, studying, and learning with my MPS cohort has become an important fixture in my life at Cornell.”

What student support services have you found at Johnson?

“There are many services and opportunities available that range from personal to professional activities. These activities are are designed not only to prepare you for the workforce, but also to help you enjoy everything that graduate school, and Johnson in particular, have to offer.

We come here for more than just accounting and management knowledge—we come here for connections, life experiences, and the chance to intermingle. There are social hours where we get to connect with the MBA students and faculty every Thursday afternoon in addition to program-specific events, semi-formals, dinners, social events, and more.”

What have you gained by being part of the SC Johnson College of Business?

“The flexibility of the MPS program is due in part to the power of the SC Johnson College of Business bringing together three different, powerful business schools and our ability to take classes across each of them and Cornell University. I don’t think this degree program would be possible if it wasn’t for the overall college. The reason why I say that, is because it really is a degree that combines accounting and management. Mostly, the accounting classes that we take are in Dyson, and all of our required management classes and electives we want to take are offered by Johnson.”

Why should a student consider Cornell the MPS in Management – Accounting Specialization?

“The MPS in Management – Accounting Specialization degree is the perfect post-undergraduate accounting master’s program because it provides rigorous preparation for your accounting future, builds your management and leadership abilities, and gives you a great introduction to the world of graduate business school.”

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