Anisha Varati

Anisha Varati, MPS ’19

Program: MPS in Management – Accounting Specialization

“The flexibility in the curriculum allowed me to take both accounting classes and MBA classes, and I had ample opportunities to interact with MBA students and learn from the work experiences they had before they pursued graduate school.”

Hometown: Sugar Land, Texas
Undergraduate education: Economics, University of Houston
Post-Cornell employer: Ernst & Young, NYC, FSO Assurance/Audit
Favorite hobbies: Painting, hiking, and traveling

What is special Johnson’s community?

“There is a lot of involvement among the students and professors. It’s very easy for students to interact with each other and with professors at the many events the school hosts, and professors are very approachable after class as well. I especially liked the fact that we got to interact with a lot of MBA students. They typically begin their program with work experience, so they have real-world knowledge that they share with us, not only at social events, but also during class. In a lecture if we brought up Apple or another company, they would share how they interacted with the companies in their actual jobs, prior to coming to Johnson.”

What makes the MPS in Management – Accounting Specialization unique?

“In addition to being offered at an Ivy-League institution, this program is pretty small and allows for students to interact in a closely knit community. The size allows people to really get to know each other and build together from the individual experiences, similarities, and differences that make people who they are.” 

Why should a student consider this program at Cornell?

“The MPS in Management – Accounting Specialization program gives you a broad education within a year, and it allows you to interact with students and professors inside and outside your program in a social environment through the events that they have planned. It’s a great experience not only educationally, but socially as well!”

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