Charles Mauser

Charles Mauser, MPS ’19

Program: MPS in Management – Accounting Specialization

“I was able to expand my horizons not only in accounting, but also in finance and management, and really build my network. I’m looking forward to being a young professional with the skills I obtained from Cornell’s MPS program.”

Hometown: Lansing, New York
Undergraduate education: Accounting, Ithaca College
Post-Cornell employer: PwC
Favorite hobbies: Getting together with friends, exercising, and listening to music

What is special about Johnson and the Cornell business community?

“The diversity of the student body is Cornell’s biggest strength. Working together on group projects with people from different backgrounds was incredibly helpful in preparing me for the real world. I got to collaborate with MBA students in both academic and social settings, and that made me feel part of an even greater community.”

What are some of the benefits you gained being part of the SC Johnson College of Business?

“There are two benefits of being in the SC Johnson College of Business that stand out to me the most. First, being constantly surrounded by a strong network of hard-working and caring accounting students; and second, having the ability to collaborate with MBA students in class and on projects. It was incredible to take classes throughout the Cornell campus. For example, as an accounting student I was able to study Visual Basic and learn the programming behind Excel. Visual Basic was offered at Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration. This helped me improve my programming skills, which is valuable for my career.”

How did the MPS in Management – Accounting Specialization program help you achieve your goals?

“My goals were to work toward passing my CPA exam, make friends at Cornell, and improve my Excel skills. I took courses in financial modeling, managerial spreadsheet modeling, and VBA, which all greatly improved my Excel skills. Cornell also provided many social opportunities and events enabling me to meet people from MPS and MBA programs.”

What advice would you give to a student entering into the program?

“You should choose Cornell if you really want to expand your horizons beyond just general accounting classes. There is the option to take coding, entrepreneurship, finance, and other MBA classes in management. It is a fantastic way to open more doors and understand your interests. I would advise students not to overload their schedules in the first semester. Try to meet as many people as possible, because there are some amazing individuals who care about your success.”

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