Manisha Mehrotra

Manisha Mehrotra

Program: Executive MBA Metro NY

I have learned from all my professors. They have taught content that I can directly apply professionally and they’ve inadvertently taught me things about myself.

Hometown: New York, New York
Undergraduate studies: Marketing and communications, University of Connecticut
Position when enrolled: Diversity and inclusion manager, Bloomberg

What was your first impression of Cornell upon arrival?

“I was struck by how warm everyone was. I expected people to be smart, focused, and interesting, which they all were; I did not expect people to be as warm and fun to be around. Everyone from the administrators to current students and professors to alumni were happy to engage and answer any number of inquiries that I sent their way.”

What is a tip you can provide for the residential session expereinces?

“My suggestion is to get to know your classmates as well as possible; they are the ones who know what you are going through and can be an incredible support (everything from helping with classwork to being there for you during difficult times to creating a strong professional network). I have learned a lot from my classmates, and have made friends for life.”

Share one of your most memorable experiences.

“A few weeks into the first semester, I had a death in my family and had to fly to India unexpectedly. My teammates/classmates and professors made sure that I was supported and had everything I needed before, during, and when I got back. I was surprised because at that point I had known my classmates for only a few weeks. They were incredibly supportive and offered their friendship in a way I did not expect for knowing them only a few short weeks.”

What is one must-do thing when you’re in Ithaca?

“Explore the campus and experience the activities! Walk the trails, visit the libraries, eat ice cream from the Dairy Bar, enjoy free concerts, and check out the gorges. It’s a beautiful campus and visiting it makes you feel connected to Cornell no matter where you are in the world.”

How do you strike a balance between school, work, and family?

“Striking a perfect balance has been difficult for me and I can’t say that I have done it well. Instead, what I have come to peace with is that one out of the three takes the back seat depending on what needs to take priority. Exceeding in all three of these aspects has been tough; I have shaved off the amount I sleep, travel, and relax. However, I have made these sacrifices willingly and with pride. Managing all three aspects of my life is a lifelong skill that I will carry with me.”