Maria Lopez

Maria A. Lopez ’18, MPS ’19

Program: MPS in Management – Accounting Specialization

“Until you experience Cornell, it is hard to understand the opportunities that come from it. The Cornell network is so vast and international, you always have Cornellians who have your back.”

Hometown: Encinitas, San Diego, California
Undergraduate education: Hotel Administration, Cornell University
Post-Cornell employer: Ernst & Young, Assurance
Favorite hobbies: Hiking and watercolor painting

What were your goals coming into the MPS in Management – Accounting Specialization program?

“I knew I wanted to continue building on a strong foundation that would differentiate me in the accounting setting when I go work for EY. But, at the same time, I wanted to balance accounting experience with management classes, which I did through the MBA electives. I really enjoyed having that balance of taking my accounting classes, while also learning how to be a great leader at the same time.”

What makes this program unique?

“Whether you went to Cornell for your undergraduate degree or not, we’re now all part of Johnson. This factor leads to a great class experience, pulling from different experiences as we learn from classmates. I hope I’ve helped other people learn as well. We’re all here with the same goal in mind of wanting to be effective leaders in the workplace, and that helps align us and bring us together.”

Why should a student consider Cornell for an MPS in Management?

“I’d say that at Cornell, you have the ability to take your accounting classes, which are necessary for the CPA exam, but then you also have the ability to take many management electives that help enhance the experience overall. When I looked at the curricula for other programs, that flexibility just wasn’t available, because they were very accounting-heavy. Yes, accounting is very necessary for our careers, but we also want to balance it out with the management classes which are necessary in any career moving forward. Another important factor is (even though you might not see it while you’re here) that once you go out into the real world, you realize Cornell is everywhere.”

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