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Robert Fauber, MBA ’99

President and Chief Executive Officer of Moody’s Corporation

Robert (Rob) Fauber earned his Johnson MBA in 1999.

Rob Fauber is the president and chief executive officer of Moody’s Corporation. Having joined Moody’s in 2005, he has held a series of leadership roles including president of Moody’s Investors Service and head of its Global Commercial Group, overseeing relationship management, product development, and strategy. Prior to Moody’s, Mr. Fauber held roles in alternative investments, corporate strategy and business development, and investment banking at Citi. Under his leadership, Moody’s has recently acquired RMS, an environmental risk analytics service, as part of his commitment to keeping Moody’s at the forefront of providing “the tools and insights needed to support sustainable and resilient investments that enable sectors and companies to thrive in a zero-carbon future.”

Since earning his MBA, Mr. Fauber has consistently supported Johnson through employee recruitment efforts at Citi and numerous guest lectureships, including the keynote speech for the Profiles in Leadership class. Under his leadership, Moody’s became the inaugural sponsor of the Fintech at Cornell Initiative.


1. What is it about Johnson, and your time here, that drives you to stay engaged?

I really connected with the culture at Johnson, and I think it creates incredibly well-rounded leaders. That inspires me to pay it forward and engage with the next generation.

2. What’s your advice for current students, who will soon be business leaders taking on the world’s most important challenges?

Resilience is a crucial leadership quality in this day and age. The rapid pace of change we’re seeing today is our new normal. To navigate the environment, leaders have got to be agile while remaining true to their values, prioritizing people with authenticity and empathy.

3. What do you see as the most useful application of your unique talents within the context of your work life?

Storytelling. Sharing your perspectives with clarity of purpose helps you connect with people—from family and friends to customers, employees, shareholders, and key influencers.