Tokunbo Akinbajo

Tokunbo Akinbajo

Program: Executive MBA Metro NY

I find myself more reflective in my second year, knowing that the journey is coming to an end. But, the lifetime of friendships that I’ve built here are going to stay with me.

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Current Title/Employer: Corporate Secretary, MassMutual

What was your first impression of Cornell?

“When I arrived to Cornell, I was immediately struck by how much the administrators and professors really care about us. The standards are very high and I was not disappointed. My first impression affirmed my decision to go to Cornell and made me excited to join the Cornell family.”

What is your most memorable experience?

“I would say what stands out most in my mind is a collective number of experiences inside and out of the classroom. My colleagues and I formed such a tight bond in the first year and made a commitment to each other academically, but also socially. Whether it is celebrating someone’s birthday, upcoming wedding, or a baby shower, the friendships we have made are genuine and we are there for each other.”

What have the residential sessions been like and what have you enjoyed?

“Memorable. It is clear that the administration puts a lot of thought into the structure of days of these residential sessions. They ensure that one, we can complete the classroom requirements and two, that we get to know each other and really build that network and community that makes Cornell so special.”

What has been your favorite class or elective and why?

“Critical Thinking was my favorite—it was one of those classes that really expands your mind and helps you to see the world in a different way, especially with a business lens. The course was really engaging and I looked forward to every class.”

What advice do you have for anyone applying to the program?

“Start early. Get to know the staff, the professors, and former students, which I think will help to ease your transition into the program, because you will know what to expect.”