Other Graduate Dual-Degree Options

Because of our unusual flexibility, Johnson offers individuals the opportunity to combine an MBA degree with advanced study in a huge array of fields.

If you have strong quantitative skills and proven leadership abilities, you may want to consider our One-Year MBA program. If your strengths are in other areas, you will still be able to shorten the amount of time required to complete our Two-Year MBA program by receiving advanced standing credits toward your MBA for the masters level program you are already pursuing.

Why pursue an MBA along with another graduate degree?

The reasons are as many and varied as the individuals who undertake them. Typically, however, they want to add an understanding of business and develop the leadership and management skills that enable them to do more with their other specialized knowledge.

If you are pursuing a degree in one of areas of sustainability, agriculture, power, or global organizations, will likely find that our Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise offers you a base of knowledge and skills perfectly suited to advancing your goals.

If you plan to pursue a career in a non-governmental organization or non-profit, you will likely benefit by developing knowledge of all the business functions and developing strong leadership skills.

These are just some of the reasons to pursue an MBA along with another graduate degree. You may have others. We would welcome a chance to explore them with you.

Learn more about all of your MBA options at Johnson and about the application process and requirements.