Business Development

By: rachel

Project: Emerson’s customers faced three global macro challenges. First, turnover caused by the retirement of the baby boomer generation was expected to cause 23% of the current process instrumentation and electrical technicians and control installers to be replaced by 2020. Second, the learning styles and channels of the next generation were different than the preceding generation; a new generation of workers growing up in the digital age must be brought up to speed on increasingly complex technologies in order to keep customers’ systems running safely, effectively, and efficiently. Finally, development of new and remote international markets for the process industry had created local demand for workforces in which the necessary skill sets were not readily available. The SGE Immersion team identified strategic investments for training remote, inexperienced, and/or undereducated customers, employees, and future employees across 20 countries in varying states of economic development. The team developed an understanding both at a global and local market level for how to provide technical training and education that would create a more skilled workforce, thereby growing the available pool of process instrumentation field technicians. The team also provided insight and actionable plans for markets where education opportunities were either absent or faced major barriers for delivering quality training programs.