Business Growth Strategy Project

By: raelleen

Project: POET was seeking to expand its biorefining expertise from producing renewable biofuel from corn and stover to the production of biochemicals using corn and biomass as feedstocks. The conversion of ethanol and corn sugars into chemicals via biological pathways and chemical catalysis was a new area of discovery and innovation led by a handful of high tech players primarily on the West Coast. The SGE Immersion team identified the size and nature of these opportunities, and determined business models for partnering with those companies to produce the scale of output that would be needed to make bio-based chemicals and bio-based chemical catalysis technologies economically viable. The team identified which companies could produce green chemicals viably with POET and what scale and scope these markets may present for the biochemical industry with a partner like POET to build sufficient scales of production to make this technology marketable to end customers and OEM’s who sought to replace petrochemical based products to make a cleaner, safer, and greener world.