Product Commercialization Strategy

By: Safiyyah Abdul Hamid

Project: In developing countries, the provision of reliable information on prices, product availability and quality, diseases outbreaks, conflict, and forage availability can make a significant difference in market participation and service delivery, not only for producers and small‐scale traders but also for government and development agencies tasked with emergency response. Despite the recognized value of such information, the emergence of a cost‐effective, sustainable method of sourcing and disseminating good quality reliable information is very challenging. ILRI had developed a digital platform structured around a suite of linked mobile and web‐based applications, dubbed KAZNET, which was meant to incentivize citizen‐contributors to collect and update market information to populate a database from which a range of information products and custom‐made analytics could be generated and disseminated to a suite of paying clients. The SGE Immersion team evaluated and developed a commercialization strategy for KAZNET meant to attract private sector interest and investment and ensure sustainability of a more extensive livestock market information system. You can read more about this project here.