Strategic Market Analysis

By: rachel

Project: Emerson’s Grind2Energy™ project was taking steps to help divert food waste from landfills by leveraging InSinkErator’s food disposer technology to turn food waste into renewable energy through anaerobic digestion (AD). As the project gained momentum, Emerson was looking to better understand the current anaerobic digestion infrastructure in the U.S., including build-out plans and capabilities to accept food waste as co-digestion feedstock to boost biogas production. The SGE Immersion team analyzed the current status of anaerobic digestion in the U.S., including private, stand-alone farm digesters. The team identified trends with regard to co-digestion of food waste to boost biogas production, biogas use, the values/costs of these different uses, and the factors that contribute to those valuations or costs. The team reported on the state of the industry, including profiling of the major companies with recommendations for how Emerson should approach business growth in the market.