Strategic Planning

By: rachel

Project: 2015 was a major year for agreeing on issues such as ambitious, global action on the climate and environment and ecosystems challenges that are driven by human activities — the negative impacts of which are especially prevalent in developing countries where CARE provides services. The impacts of these massive challenges — and the imperative to generate bold solutions — were being recognized across the investor landscape in international development/humanitarian action. Major donors were going climate-resilient, there was a growing social impact investor market, and major corporations had begun aligning around sustainable business initiatives. CARE USA sought to publicly launch an existing but small Climate Change Innovation Fund (CCIF) in the fall of 2015 as a fund-raising/investment vehicle and as public statement of CARE’s commitment to climate-resilience in international development. The SGE Immersion team developed a business case and plan to catalyze support for the CCIF as a priority vehicle for donor engagement and seed-funding CARE’s capacities with its partners and allies.