Cornell Tech MBA

The Johnson Cornell Tech MBA features a one-year tech-driven, studio-structured curriculum. 

Here, MBAs operate in interdisciplinary teams with engineering, law, and computer science students to produce visionary ideas grounded in significant needs that will reinvent the way we live and work through technology. It is a one-year MBA degree that will prepare you to enter our creative, entrepreneurial, industry-immersed culture.

Program Format

  • Your initial introduction to the MBA degree will start on the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, New York, for an immersive first semester of core business and leadership coursework.
  • Next you’ll move to our New York City campus, Cornell Tech, for nine months of rigorous, interdisciplinary, innovative entrepreneurial work.
  • Through a fall Product Studio project, you and your team will work on applying cutting-edge technology to solve business problems. Through a spring Startup Studio project, you and your team will develop a business idea from concept to launch.

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The Curriculum

The curriculum of the Johnson MBA at Cornell Tech is divided into two structures: Modules and Studio

Fall Semester

  • In the fall semester, there are four MBA modules alongside the co-curriculum which is taught in the Cornell Tech Studio. Most mornings will start with one of the modular courses and in the afternoon, you are in Studio for Company Challenges, Startup Ideas or Conversations in the Studio.

Spring Semester

Agility Credits

  • Agility credits will be offered each semester. Agility topics are decided by you, giving you the opportunity to choose topics to better inform your MBA experience. Some options from last year included: Human Computer Interaction, Startup Systems, Scrum and Agile Development, Storytelling for Startups and Corporate Governance.

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Industry Engagement

The Johnson Cornell Tech MBA is notable for students’ proactive and practical learning experiences through projects and interactions with startups, large tech companies, and companies that implement disruptive technologies.

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Who should apply?

Ideal MBA candidates for this program have a passion for technology and an entrepreneurial spirit. Students must have strong digital experience with a background in science and engineering preferred. A digital background can include activities such as digital marketing, design, software development, prototyping, and other related activities. Critical thinking, demonstrated leadership, strong communication skills, and problem-solving abilities are also critical to your success.

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