The world is not flat… and that creates many opportunities!

Roberto dos Reis Alvarez is the Executive Director of the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (GFCC – www.thegfcc.org). In his famous book “The World is Flat: a Brief History of […]

Emerging and Connected: Insights on Broadband from Brazil

We are always online. We pay our rent, buy furniture, take language lessons and schedule our next appointment to the doctor, let alone the time spent on social media. The […]

The Impact of Entrepreneurship and Interorganizational Networks on Global Innovations Development: The Evidence of Foreign Subsidiaries Operating in the Country

Throughout the last decade, the focus of international business studies guided by the theory of networks has highlighted the role of integration of subsidiaries in the host country business networks […]

Social Impact Bond in Emerging Markets: Funding Chinese Migrant Workers’ Children Digital Education

With budgets tightening worldwide, there is a need to channel limited government and international organization funding towards high-quality developmental projects. A new type of investment vehicle, social impact bond, carries […]

Rethinking Emerging Markets: Unwinding the Western Lens

While the last five years has been a difficult period for the emerging economies, there is no denying the seismic shift in the global economy of the 21st century, moving the […]