Employment Report for Two-Year MBAs

Employment Report

Figures reflect class of 2018

Summary of permanent jobs accepted
Number of graduates 283
Graduates seeking employment 256
Full-time job offers by 3 months after graduation 94%
Mean base salary accepted $126,353
Mean bonus accepted $33,503

Job Function Details

Detail of jobs accepted by function<,/
Jobs Percent of students
Consulting 25%
Finance – Corporate Finance 6%
Finance – Equity Debt Research 2%
Finance – Investment Banking 19%
Finance – Other 5%
General Management 24%
Human Resources 2%
Legal 4%
Marketing 12%
Other Job Functions 1%

Internship Report

Figures reflect class of 2019

Summary of Summer internships accepted
Number of students 284
Students seeking employment 272
Internship acceptances reported 271
Mean base monthly salary $8,736

Internship Function Details

Detail of internships accepted by function
Internships Percent of students
Consulting 21%
Finance – Corporate Finance 11%
Finance – Equity Debt Research 5%
Finance – Investment Banking 22%
Finance – Other 4%
Finance – Private Equity/Venture Capital 2%
General Management 15%
Marketing and Business Development 14%
Other Job Functions 6%

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For official reporting purposes Johnson conforms to the standards of the MBA Career Services Council Reporting Standards.


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