The decision to step away from the workforce and invest in your career—and yourself—is an important one.

To find the best Johnson MBA program for you, explore each program’s academic offerings, co-curricular options, career placement data, and admission requirements.

Johnson offers three full-time STEM-designated residential MBA programs, each of them challenging yet distinct and defined by tight-knit, supportive communities of their own.

Two-Year MBA Program

A good choice for those looking to move into management roles or change industries, the Two-Year MBA is a full-time program that gives you the chance to participate in student organizations, develop your leadership capabilities, enjoy a family-friendly town, and earn a flexible MBA that will empower you to make an impact.

Two-Year MBA at a glance

Location in Ithaca and options in NYC; Duration of 2 years; Ideal for career switchers and enhancers; On-campus delivery


One-Year MBA Program

Perfect for career enhancers, the One-Year MBA full-time program is accelerated and intense; therefore, applicants must already have an advanced degree or certification or plan to apply as part of a dual-degree program. As a One-Year MBA, you’ll work closely with students in both the Two-Year and Johnson Cornell Tech MBA programs, participate in student clubs, take advantage of life in Ithaca, and learn how to improve your leadership style.

One-Year MBA at a glance

Location in Ithaca and options in NYC; Duration of 1 year; Ideal for career enhancers with advanced degrees; On-campus delivery


Johnson Cornell Tech MBA Program

The Johnson Cornell Tech MBA degree program is for students interested in applying business principles at the intersections of technology, entrepreneurship, law, computer science, and engineering. You’ll begin the program in Ithaca, New York, then move to Cornell Tech in New York City where you will take business courses and tech electives while working on interdisciplinary, hands-on projects with other Cornell Tech graduate students in varying fields.

Johnson Cornell Tech MBA at a glance

Location in Ithaca and primarily NYC; Duration of 1 year; Ideal for career enhancers with a passion for tech; On-campus delivery with Studio projects