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Knowing if you’ll get what you need out of an MBA program can be challenging. Get to know the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management community directly from current students.

Students identified as “Admissions Ambassadors” support the Admissions team, both on and off campus, by connecting with prospective students and sharing their Johnson experience. Ambassadors welcome and host prospective students to class, conduct coffee chats, give building tours, participate in online information sessions, and participate in Admissions events.

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Regardless of your interests, you can connect with a Cornell MBA student in your state or country, someone with similar career goals, or that can provide input regarding a common area of interest.

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Have you spoken to a Johnson Admissions Ambassador and are ready to take the next step? Maybe you know it’s the place for you to earn your MBA without connecting with an Ambassador, either way, apply to join the Johnson community and take your career to the next level with an Ivy League MBA.