One-Year MBA NYC Intensives

Cornell Tech

Our innovative Johnson NYC Intensives in finance technology and digital marketing address the prevailing challenges and transformations occurring in business, finance, technology, and entrepreneurship today.

A customized package of classes, collaborative opportunities, and close partnerships with industry give students the opportunity to learn and practice specialized skills and distinguish themselves in their future careers.

The Johnson NYC Intensives are offered jointly to Ithaca-based and Cornell Tech residential MBA students, giving them the opportunity to work together closely and learn from each other. In addition, Ithaca-based students have access to the state-of-the-art resources offered by Cornell Tech and New York City and can choose to spend either half or the entirety of their final semester at our Cornell Tech campus in New York City.

Cornell Tech Fintech Intensive stuents

FinTech Intensive

Four courses taught over the first seven weeks of the spring semester

Faculty Director: Drew Pascarella, Lecturer of Finance

FinTech Intensive

The goal of the FinTech intensive is to provide hands-on learning in the emerging financial technology sector. A confluence of events and trends have set the stage for large-scale technological disruption of the financial services industry. Financial institutions are keenly embracing the digital economy, and banks have renewed their focus on technology-driven products and market innovation.

The FinTech intensive exposes students to startup ideas and ventures, technical concepts, and real-world case studies of technology applications in multiple areas of the financial services industry. Through our collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, students also run a project that helps them put their coursework into practice.

Digital Marketing intensive Student at Cornell tech

Digital Marketing Intensive

Three courses taught over the first seven weeks of the spring semester

Faculty Director: Michelle Greenwald, Lecturer of Marketing

Digital Marketing Intensive

The Digital Marketing intensive is designed for students preparing for careers in digital marketing with advertisers, digital agencies, e-commerce firms, or tech companies. This intensive gives students a deep understanding of brand strategy, creativity, and data analytics to optimize the infinite options in digital marketing messaging, content, and distribution to increasingly narrower target audiences.

Coursework exposes students to the analysis and application of digital marketing platforms, analytical tools, live case studies from companies, and a project where students practice what they learn. Students work in teams across our three residential MBA programs: the two-year program in Ithaca, the one-year program in Ithaca, and the one-year Johnson Cornell Tech MBA in New York City.