Two-Year MBA Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

It isn’t enough to just study and practice leadership—you also need to receive and process feedback in order to enhance your strengths and address the areas you need to improve.

At Johnson, we care deeply about helping you develop as a leader. Receiving coaching and mentoring is crucial to that development. We accomplish this through the accessibility of our world-class leadership faculty, the Johnson Leadership Fellows program, and, most importantly, through teaching you to learn how to learn.

Leadership development is a lifelong process—to maximize your career success, you need to continue to seek growth over comfort, to actively solicit feedback, and to reflect on your leadership experiences. Our goal is that by the time you graduate, this continuous learning process will be reflexive.

Reflection begins right away when you come here for your MBA. Students in all of our programs take the Johnson 360 Leadership Assessment before they matriculate. The multi-rater instrument allows for a variety of feedback voices, giving students a way to define areas of strength and opportunities for further development so they can maximize their time here at Johnson. All students have the opportunity to debrief their report and to receive coaching as they work on their personal leadership development plans. They also receive a Johnson Leadership Matrix, which details Johnson’s myriad of leadership opportunities under each behavioral dimension measured on the 360 assessment. This allows students to customize their development plans to specifically target the areas illuminated in their feedback.

Students who are interested in more coaching opportunities should contact Laura Georgianna, Executive Director of Leadership Programs.

Lauren Dowler, MBA '18

"Working closely with my Johnson Leadership Fellow has had a deep impact on my personal leadership development. My JLF has been my go-to person for questions related to team dynamics, leadership, and even interview preparation. For me, working with a student who’d recently been through the same experiences helped me focus on the opportunities that would best help me accomplish my leadership goals."

Lauren Dowler, MBA ‘18
Ashley Crayton, MBA ‘12

"The leadership professors were always available. The coaching I got wasn’t always what I wanted to hear, but it was always what I needed to hear. The honesty is refreshing."

Ashley Crayton, MBA ‘12