Financial Aid FAQs

What types of scholarships and fellowships are available at Johnson?
Johnson has over $1 million in merit-based scholarship funds to award each year to new and returning students. Almost 30 percent of Johnson students receive some scholarship assistance. Candidates wishing to be considered for merit-based scholarships must apply by round three. Scholarships are awarded based on merit regardless of citizenship and recipients are selected once an offer of admission is made.

In addition to our merit-based scholarships, we have Park Leadership Fellowships, which provide up to twenty-five full-tuition awards each year. Park Fellows are selected on the basis of demonstrated leadership abilities, a record of community service, and academic achievement. Park Leadership Fellowships are only open to U.S. citizens who have applied by round three.

Students who enroll without scholarship funding during their first year should not expect to receive scholarship support in their second year.

How are merit scholarship awards determined?
Merit Scholarship recipients are selected by an Admissions Scholarship Committee. The same criteria are used to determine merit as are used to evaluate applicants for admission: demonstrated leadership and interpersonal skills, prior academic performance, GMAT scores, the range and depth of work experience, writing skills, interpersonal skills, extracurricular and community involvement, recommendations, previous achievements, focus and goals.

Does Johnson offer teaching assistantships or research assistantships?
We do not have teaching assistantships or research assistantships that reduce or replace tuition. We do have students who work as teaching or research assistants with our faculty. However, they are paid on an hourly basis. We do not encourage students to work during their first year.

How do I find scholarships from outside Johnson?
Scholarships from outside the school are available from many sources. There is some effort involved in securing outside funds. The key is to apply early. Private scholarships may be based on various selection criteria: academic achievement, religious affiliation, ethnicity, memberships, civic activities, hobbies, or special talents. Start your scholarship search by contacting your employee benefits office, church, civic group(s), or any other organization you think may have scholarship opportunities. A great free online resource is

When and how do I apply for student loans?
U.S. citizens and permanent residents need to complete a free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  You can do this over the Internet at We use this document to determine your eligibility for federal and institutional loans.
For more information, see Loan Programs.
NOTE: If you are applying to our One-year MBA program, you will need to apply separately for summer aid.

What does the Financial Aid Office need from me?
Once you have completed your FAFSA, complete the Johnson Graduate School of Management Federal Loan Application

As an international student, do I qualify for any loans?
Johnson offers a loan program to admit international students without a cosigner and who have no adverse credit in the US to cover the cost of tuition only. There are US loan programs available that allow you to borrow to cover the full cost of the program but require a credit worthy US or permanent resident cosigner. For more information please visit our international student website at International Loans.

Can international students use student loans on the declaration of finances?
US educational loans cannot be used on a declaration of finance. You may use multiple private sponsors (domestic or international) on the Declaration of Finance form. Federal immigration regulations require that all international students provide evidence of adequate funds to meet the financial obligations of enrollment at a U.S. university. Student loans may be used to finance your education once this requirement has been met and your F-1 visa has been issued.

Will applying for financial aid affect my chances of being accepted?
Your admissions decision is made without regard to your request for financial aid.

Can I get money to cover my living expenses?
Yes, the budget we use to calculate your financial need includes tuition, a room-and-board allowance, health insurance, and expenses for books and personal expenses.

If I am awarded financial aid, when will I receive the money?
All financial aid sources will be applied first to your university tuition bill. If any of these funds result in a credit balance to your account, the credit will be refunded to you AFTER university registration, late August.

Are credit cards accepted to pay my tuition?
The university does not accept credit cards. They do offer on-line payment with Cornell Net.Pay and a monthly installment plan.

For more information, contact:

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