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Johnson's programs in support of women in business include our partnerships with the Forté Foundation85 Broads and GMAC to reach prospective women and encourage them to apply to business school. Johnson also hosts annual Johnson Women in Business (JWIB), Johnson Women in Technology (JWiT) and the Parker Center's Women in Investing (WIN) conferences to engage female students with current students, faculty, staff and prominent alumnae.

ODI partners with student clubs such as the Women's Management Council and Forté at Johnson to host events and provide support for members, and also encourages students to attend the annual MBA Women International (MBAWI) conference.

Johnson Women in Technology Conference

March 21, 2014

Johnson Women in Technology

The Johnson Women in Technology (JWiT) Conference, hosted by Citi, is a student led collaboration between the High Tech Club and the Women's Management Council. Our mission is to provide female MBAs with the tools they need to power up their futures.

Johnson Women in Business
October 16-17, 2014
Johnson Women in Business

At Johnson Women in Business (JWIB) experience our MBA programs and gain valuable information on mentorship and flexibility in the Johnson community.

Parker Center Women in Investing (WIN) Conference

November 20-21, 2014
Parker Center Women in Investing (WIN) Conference

The Parker Center's Women in Investing Conference (WIN) is a forum for full-time MBA women from top business schools around the country.