Immersion Learning

Johnson’s unique immersion program is an intense, hands-on semester of integrated course and field work in a specific industry or career interest.

Pioneered by Johnson in the 1990s, the Strategic Semester in Operations immersion enabled first-year MBA students to combine classroom learning with practical experience through factory tours and Kaizen projects. This innovation proved so successful that Johnson soon launched immersions in a variety of different functional areas. Today, Johnson offers its unique immersion model for performance learning in eight areas.

The immersion experience combines:

  • Cutting-edge coursework
  • Outstanding faculty
  • Coaching by leading business practitioners
  • Problem-solving under actual business conditions

Immediate benefits of immersion learning are:

  • Concentrated, applied knowledge in a chosen field
  • Networking with premier companies, faculty, and practitioners
  • Problem-solving experience in real-life situations
  • Preferred status with summer recruiters and long-term employers

Johnson Immersions

Choose from Johnson’s varied immersion offerings:

How It Works

  • Students in the two-year MBA program complete the bulk of the Core MBA coursework during their first semester.
  • In the second semester of their first year, most choose an immersion learning experience, plunging them into electives, site visits, and live cases aimed at getting them up to speed in their area of interest.