Each year, a select group of managers and senior professionals join Cornell Executive MBA Programs. They represent a wide range of backgrounds and industries, bringing experience and commitment to a program that will prepare them for the management challenges of the future. If you share that commitment, we welcome your application.

Selection Criteria

Cornell Executive MBA Programs are designed for managers and senior professionals with considerable experience. We seek to enroll diverse classes, recognizing that people with different educational backgrounds, functional expertise, and industry knowledge can teach and learn from each other, creating an interactive and energized environment.

When selecting candidates for the programs, we consider these key factors:

  • Organizational experience - including career progression, current level of responsibility, and potential for advancement
  • Academic readiness for graduate study
  • Ability to contribute to the class and team learning environments
  • Motivation and commitment to the program

We assess these criteria through the application components and an in-depth interview conducted after an application file is completed.

Application Process & Components

The Cornell Executive MBA Program and the Cornell Executive MBA Americas Program utilize the same application for admission.

When completing the online application form, applicants are asked to choose their program preference. Any applicant who would like to be considered for both programs should contact the Admissions Office before submitting the online application.

The required application steps are outlined below. Applicants are also encouraged to attend an Admissions Event to learn more about the programs and submit a résumé for a pre-assessment prior to completing the formal application. Résumés should be submitted via the online form.

  1. Complete the Application. A complete application includes the following documents:

    1. Submitted online application form – Before submitting your online application, you will be asked to upload the following documents:
      1. Résumé – An up-to-date résumé that includes information relevant to admission into a graduate-level management program.
      2. Organizational Chart – A view of your current organization, noting your position.
      3. Personal Statements – There are three required statements and a fourth, optional statement. Specific topics are outlined within the application.
    2. Official transcripts for all previous post-secondary education. This includes both completed and incomplete studies at both U.S. and non-U.S. institutions. If the official transcript is not in English, we will require an official translation and evaluation from an approved body. Please see for a list. (The Admissions Committee may require an evaluated transcript for credits earned at non-U.S. institutions if the grading scheme is not clear.)
    3. Letters of reference – Two letters are required; a third letter is recommended in some cases. One letter must be submitted from your immediate supervisor and the other can be submitted by a peer, colleague or previous supervisor.
    4. Application fee – Applicants will be instructed to submit a $200 fee before submitting the online application.
  2. Personal Interview – Once an application file is complete and all of the documents outlined above have been submitted, we contact applicants to set up an interview. Interviews may be conducted in person or over the telephone, depending upon timing and availability.
  3. Admissions Committee Review & Decision – Each program has an Admissions Committee that reviews all complete application files. Admissions decisions are typically available 2 to 3 weeks after the interview and are communicated by phone and in writing.
  4. Post-Decision Actions – If accepted, a candidate is asked to make an enrollment decision and submit a deposit within a set timeframe.

The GMAT is not a required application component. Candidates who have taken the exam may submit their score reports for consideration. In cases when the Admissions Committee needs additional evidence to support a candidate's academic preparedness for the program, applicants may be asked to take the GMAT.

More in-depth instructions can be found within the application after opening an application account.

Application Timeline:

Both of our Executive MBA Programs operate on a rolling admissions basis. Therefore we do not adhere to strict application deadlines. With that said, we do encourage our applicants to move forward at their earliest convenience to avoid potential seat capacity or timing restrictions.