ODI Events

3/27/2019   6:00pm

Joint Ventures Professional Development Session

Sage Hall - 131

4/10/2019   11:30am

Sandwiches and Sage Advice Session

Sage Hall - Ramin Parlor

4/12/2019   11:00am

Destination Johnson

Ithaca, NY

4/18/2019   4:15pm


Dyson Atrium, Sage Hall

4/22/2019   11:00am

Office of Diversity and Inclusion - Men's Retreat

4/24/2019   4:30pm

Women of Johnson Wednesday - April Event

Sage Hall - 301

4/29/2019   4:30pm

Forte Family Meeting

4/29/2019   6:00pm

Joint Ventures x ODI Wine and Design

Wine and Design - Ithaca

5/1/2019   4:30pm

Consortium Family Meeting

9/20/2019   8:00am

Johnson Women in Business (JWiB)

Sage Hall

9/21/2019   8:00am

Women in Business Symposium


9/24/2019   1:00pm

National Black MBA

Houston, TX

10/10/2019   1:00pm

Reaching Out MBA

Atlanta, GA

10/10/2019   1:00pm

12th Annual MBA Veterans Career Conference & Expo

Chicago, IL

10/30/2019   1:00pm

2019 Prospanica - Association of Hispanic Professionals

Orlando, FL

11/1/2019   8:00am

Johnson Means Business (JMB)

11/2/2019   8:00am

Diversity Symposium

Sage Hall