ODI Events

10/16/2015   8:00am

Asian MBA Conference

New York, NY

10/29/2015   8:00am

Johnson Women in Business (JWiB)

Sage Hall

10/29/2015   6:00pm

Johnson Women in Business Dinner

Statler - The Terrace

11/5/2015   8:00am

Johnson Means Business (JMB)

Sage Hall

11/5/2015   4:15pm

Sage Social: Johnson Means Business

Dyson Atrium, Sage Hall

11/6/2015   12:00pm

Diversity Symposium and Awards Dinner

Statler Hotel

11/6/2015   12:00pm

Johnson Diversity Symposium and Alumni Awards Dinner

Statler Hotel

3/3/2016   4:15pm

Sage Social: Celebrate Women's History Month!

Dyson Atrium, Sage Hall

4/7/2016   4:15pm

Sage Social: Celebrate Gaypril!

Dyson Atrium, Sage Hall

Johnson Women in Business
October 29-30, 2015

At Johnson Women in Business (JWIB) experience our MBA programs and gain valuable information on mentorship and flexibility in the Johnson community.

Johnson Means Business
November 5-6, 2015

Johnson Means Business (JMB) is our diverse and LGBTQ student hosting weekend on the Cornell campus. Learn about our MBA programs, and how to position yourself as a top candidate for MBA admissions.

Johnson Diversity Symposium
November 6, 2015

The theme of this year’s symposium is “Being Bold: Re-imagining the Power of Your MBA", held in conjunction with Johnson’s diversity recruitment weekend, Johnson Means Business.

Johnson Women in Technology Conference
March 20, 2015

Johnson Women in Technology

The Johnson Women in Technology (JWiT) Conference is a student led collaboration between the High Tech Club and the Women's Management Council. Designed to attract students and professionals alike, the event will feature engrossing panel discussions, valuable networking events and more. Our mission is to provide female MBAs with the tools they need to power up their futures.