As part of the fellowship, each Park Leadership Fellow is charged with making a significant public service contribution to Johnson, the university, or the surrounding community.

The Service Leadership Projects serve as a capstone for leadership development at Johnson by providing the Park Fellows with an opportunity to practice their leadership skills, integrate the perspectives of diverse disciplines, and develop an enduring commitment to public service. The projects are structured to focus on service improvements and program enhancements for either non-profit organizations or for-profit start-ups that stimulate economic development. The Service Leadership Projects benefit not only the client and community, but also the Park Fellows by enabling them to deepen their appreciation of the rewards of public service.

The Park Leadership Fellows are self-organizing and self-governing with respect to the Service Leadership Projects. They act as the primary source for initiating and developing project ideas, consulting with the Program Director for referrals, and advice on project structure and content.

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Austin Rothbard '00

In a short seven years, I grew from a consultant at Bain & Company to the president of Cabo Yachts. The leadership and networking skills that the program provided were instrumental in my rapid career development.

Austin Rothbard '00