EII - Cornell Startups

GiveGab aligns volunteers’ skills, interests, and values

The volunteer matching and management system created by two Cornell-Queens graduates was selected to connect Cornell alumni. by Da-Eun Lee ’16 When Charlie Mulligan, MBA ’11, and Aaron Godert, MEng […]

Neng Bing Doh, MBA ’05, HealthCrowd

Rx for health-care communications by Irene Kim When you think about health-care customer service, what comes to mind? “Press 1 for billing inquiries. Press 2 for plan information. Your wait […]

Lori Asbury, MBA ’03 (E): CMOco

Offering value that clients understand — and want by Irene Kim Lori Asbury, MBA ’03 (E), president and CEO of CMOco Lori Asbury’s two-year-old startup, CMOco, has a simple value […]

John Kallassy, MBA ’03: I-Bankers Direct

Bridging the investment gap by Irene Kim John Kallassy, MBA ’03, president and founding partner,I-Bankers Direct In March 2013, John Kallassy launched his Web-based “crowdfunding” platform, I-Bankers Direct, to mine […]

Gregory Crowley, MBA ’00

Engineering his own niche by Irene Kim Working in a large engineering firm in the late 1990s, Gregory Crowley had a revelation. “I was surrounded by other engineers who seemed […]

Steve Milt MBA ’02

Handling the supply side of airport security by Irene Kim A true entrepreneur, Steve Milt spotted a niche and created a business to fill it. Working in the homelandsecurity industry […]

Alice Chen, MBA ’04: Alice Alan

Putting her best foot forward by Irene Kim Alice Chen never believed in sacrificing comfort for style, or vice versa. But she was frustrated to find that the beautiful shoes […]

Nicole Pollaert Witt, MBA ’96: Adoption Consultancy

Helping prospective parents navigate the adoption landscape by Irene Kim Adopting a baby is typically a costly (upwards of $35,000), lengthy endeavor that can be confusing and sometimes heartbreaking. Prospective […]

Bryant Guffey, MBA ’10 (left) and George K. Lewis Jr., MS ’08, PhD ’12, co-founders, ZetrOZ

Wowing skeptics with miniature therapeutics by Irene Kim In 2009, Bryant Guffey and George K. Lewis Jr. cofounded ZetrOZ out of Lewis’s garage, based on Lewis’ inventions in ultrasonic technology. […]

Lawrence Watkins, MBA ’10: Great Black Speakers

Seeking a passion pays off by Irene Kim Lawrence Watkins didn’t start out as an entrepreneur. Like his family, he thought he was going to be an electrical engineer. But […]