How Regenerative Agriculture Can Build Climate Resilience in Emerging and Frontier Economies

In the world of sustainable business, few brands are as admirable as Patagonia, Inc. By working on regenerative agriculture, they are contributing to minimize the effects of climate change in […]

The opportunities in China Medical Reform

The healthcare ecosystem in China is complicated but full of potential. Medical Reform will reshuffle the elements in the healthcare chains and create new systems which are appropriate for a […]

Where to find Swiss cheese: how sanctions affected Russian economy

United States and the European Union instituted sanctions against Russia are a small piece of a puzzle of relationships between Russia and the West. It is time for the economic […]

Regional Integration Amid Growing Protectionism

  ISSUE NO. 15 by Iwan J. Azis* Over the last 30 years or so, openness and technological progress have fostered economic integration around the world. Regional integration, defined as […]

China: A sneak peek at the future

China is taking advantage of the accelerated growth of its economy. Contrary to other emerging markets, China has managed to disburse growth to large pools of its population, increased disposable […]

Andean Peaks and Silicon Valleys: Entrepreneurship in Colombia

Shifting consumer behaviors, supported by advances in infrastructure, have increasingly enabled the Colombian economy through technology. More than ever before, Colombian entrepreneurs today have new opportunities within their reach – and […]

The Brazilian Productivity Anemia

  ISSUE NO. 14 by Otaviano Canuto Brazil has been suffering from “anemic productivity growth”. This is a major challenge because in the long run, sustained productivity increases are necessary […]

The Impact of Political Capital on Firm Internationalization: Evidence from Russian FDI and Exports

  Issue No. 13 by Lilac Nachum*, Andrei Yu. Panibratov** and Rajeev J. Sawant*** Is a firm’s political capital in the home country of value internationally? As a form of […]

Searching for Unicorns in the Land of the Phoenix: The Lebanese startup ecosystem

The Lebanese capital of Beirut has become home to a growing startup ecosystem. With the right kind of support, it’s only a matter of time until a highly valuable and […]

Review of Mazzucato’s and Penna´s Analysis of Brazilian National Innovation System

Brazilian innovation policies reflect the very notion of innovation itself: they are uncertain, cumulative , and collective. Innovation policy is, thus, risky by nature because results are hard to predict. […]