Perceptions of China’s Outbound M&A

  by Kaiwen Zhong, BA ’15 Chinese companies’ acquisitive streak in the US is often called a buying “spree” and is frequently compared to Japan’s heightened real estate purchase activities in […]

Tanzania unleashes tax on tourism

Tanzania´s New VAT tax on Tourism could Potentially Slowdown an Otherwise Thriving East African Country by German Peralta On July 2016, President John Pombe Magufuli of Tanzania imposed an 18% […]

M-Pesa and Kenya: Why Mobile Money Matters?

Most people probably don’t think of Kenya as an innovation and technology hub, but it became the launching pad for M-Pesa, a transformative mobile phone-based platform for money transfer and […]

Money Matters in Modi’s India

by Abhiram Muddu and Vince Wong   Abstract Money matters in India are complicated. As Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has set forth bold policy objectives towards reining in sovereign liquidity, which has suffered […]

Money Matters in Modi’s India

Money matters in Modi’s India are complex. However, Modi has a unique opportunity to leverage startups’ accelerated time-to-market to foster a tech-enabled ecosystem that incentivizes users to adopt formal channels. […]

Insights and perspectives on the evolving Chinese Healthcare Industry

Over the past decade the Chinese government has spent over $500B in infrastructure and healthcare reform, including the establishment of many new hospitals and policies to satisfy the demand that […]

India: Current Events in the Context of a Growing Economy

India is a complex multi-ethnic society and one of the fastest growing populations in the world at a current 1.2 billion citizens. Now under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra […]

The Emerging Markets of Trade, Telecom, and Energy in Mexico

Ensuring sustainable future growth for its economy and positive trade relations will require the Mexican government to address several challenges related to the structure of its domestic economy. by Meghan […]

Driving Business and Culture through Mobile Apps

WeChat has also spurred international interest expanding into China. They have effectively provided a method of testing the Chinese market through allowing U.S. companies and the broader market to gain […]

Developing Cities in Turkey and the Challenges for the Turkish Economy in the Next Decade

Utku Balaban, Associate Professor of Sociology at Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, Ankara University and European Commission Marie Curie Grant Fellow Turkey is the most industrialized country in the Muslim Middle […]