Jennifer Kennedy

Jennifer Kennedy

Executive MBA Americas

Boardroom: Calgary/Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Position while enrolled: Vice President, Partner Program at Absorb Software Inc.
Undergraduate studies: Economics, Carleton University

“The opportunity to build a strong network with people from across North and South America was a key factor in choosing the Americas program.”

Why did you choose the Executive MBA Americas program?

I chose the EMBA Americas program because of its global reach and unique delivery format—I take classes in my home city while engaging with international classmates. The opportunity to build a strong network with people from across North and South America was a key factor in my decision.

How has the EMBA Americas program impacted your career?

This program has given me a new perspective on my day-to-day role and has challenged my way of thinking and how I approach problems. The EMBA Americas program also gave me an opportunity to learn in a safe environment, allowing myself to ‘fail fast’ and grow both personally and professionally.

What is the boardroom experience like?

The boardroom experience was a critical piece in my decision to choose the Americas program. The technology used in the boardrooms is top notch and supports a collaborative learning environment. It is amazing that you can be in your home city while connecting with classmates in 20 other cities across North and South America.

In your opinion, why are the program’s residential sessions important?

Residential sessions provide an opportunity to build relationships and network in person with your classmates from other boardrooms. The sessions are also excellent for to getting to know the faculty and administration, and you’ll be able to see the Cornell and Queen’s campuses.

How do you balance the program with your professional and personal commitments?

You need to make a plan and stick to it. Allocating blocks of time in your week for school is a must—take it all in stride. I also chose to use a separate laptop for my course work. This allowed me to focus on school when I needed to and use my time more effectively.

What has surprised you the most about the EMBA Americas program?

I was most surprised at how deep of a bond you can build with people from both North and South America in 18 months. I have made close friendships with team members in my boardroom and classmates from other locations.