Class Facts and Profiles

Executive MBA Americas Class of 2021 demographics








average age

12 years

of work experience (average)

8 years

of management experience (average)


hold advanced degrees


internationally based

Americas Class of 2021 industry profile

EMBA Americas students represent a wide range of industries, which creates engaging class sessions with varying perspectives.

Industry % Per Industry
Technology/Engineering   18%
Financial Services   16%
Energy/Utilities   12%
Government/Public Sector/Military   10%
Manufacturing   9%
Consulting   9%
Healthcare   6%
Retail   5%
Nonprofit   4%
Real Estate/Development   4%
Other   7%

Americas Class of 2021 geographic representation

Data below shows the percentage of students enrolled per boardroom location.

Location % Enrolled
Ontario   18%
California   16%
New York   11%
Texas   10%
Alberta   10%
Washington, DC   8%
Mexico   7%
British Columbia   4%
Washington State   4%
New England   3%
South America   3%
Other   6%

Sampling of where EMBA Americas students work

Executive MBA Americas students continue working full time while they are enrolled. The class cohort represents a wide range of industries, companies, and job functions. Below is a small sampling of organizations that current Americas students work for.

Amazon Logo
Apple Logo
Banorte Logo
Canadian Olympic Committee Logo
Corning Incorporated Logo
Deloitte logo
Microsoft Logo
Shell Logo
America Flag