Find Your Niche. Build Your Path.

During your second semester in the two-year MBA program in the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, you’ll choose an immersion. Options range from corporate finance to management consulting. But your career aspirations might be more niche than those broad business categories. That’s why you can choose to design your own immersion program.

The customized immersion is particularly ideal for students who want to take advantage of the offerings and expertise across Cornell University, such as the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, the Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration, or the Sloan Master of Health Administration programs. Likewise, a customized immersion can leverage training in areas outside of business—such as in the life sciences, engineering, or information technology—as you pursue your MBA.

What Is the Customized Immersion?

This MBA immersion allows you to build your own path.You’ll work closely with faculty advisors on core and elective classes and have the option to develop a real-world project, all geared toward preparing you for your internship and career.

Customized Immersion Curriculum: What You Will Learn

Your immersion semester will include a mix of coursework and optional practical learning experiences.

Core Courses

Build a foundation with courses that align with your custom MBA pathway and career aspirations.

Elective Classes

Choose from hundreds of electives offered by the SC Johnson College and across Cornell University.

Hands-on Experience

Collaborate with faculty advisors to design a real-world project that puts your learning into action.

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Hone Your Skills: Preparing for What’s Next

No matter how you structure your customized immersion, you’ll build important, transferable skills that will contribute to your career success in any field. The students who select the customized immersion benefit from tailoring their experiences; thus, the skills gained vary by student and their individual course selections.

Career Paths: Why Choose the Customized Immersion?

Every organization in every industry needs skilled business leaders. Taking the specialized MBA immersion route allows you to customize your coursework to prepare for rewarding careers in sectors such as:

Real Estate




Human Resource Management


After the MBA: Career Outcomes

Our custom MBA immersion students land internships and full-time positions at prestigious companies and organizations in a variety of industries, including:

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Google logo.
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What Our Students Say

Headshot of Danielle Falcon.

“As a veteran, I chose the Johnson MBA program primarily because of the focus on small teams and the reputation for relationship building. I liked that our first semester was planned for us with our core classes—it really helped me adjust to being back in school—but I knew that I really wanted to be in the driver’s seat for the rest of my time at Cornell. The customized immersion really let me do this.” —Danielle Falcon MBA ’24

Headshot of Roshen Sebastian.

“The customized immersion allowed me the flexibility to select courses that focus on the industry I am most passionate about and the skills that I feel are most necessary for me to build before my summer internship. I was able to select courses that focus on real estate through the Nolan School and courses that focus on finance and accounting through the Johnson School.” —Roshen Sebastian MBA ’24

Built by You: Customized Immersion Highlights

Building your own immersion semester comes with major benefits:

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This immersion is essentially a blank slate. Design your semester under the guidance of expert faculty advisors.

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Based on your pathway, you’ll engage with peers and professors with a variety of backgrounds and expertise.

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Choose courses and field experiences that match your interests and professional aspirations.

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More Ways to Build Your Custom MBA: Opportunities across the College

Throughout your time at the Johnson School, you will develop specialized skills and knowledge in your area of interest through an array of academic and cocurricular opportunities.

Find Your Specialization: Areas of Focus

Continue to tailor your custom MBA curriculum to fit your career interests by choosing a specialization. This allows you to use your electives to work toward an area of focus such as:

  • Brand Management
  • Leadership & Ethics
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Consulting & Strategy

Career Clubs at Cornell: Get Involved. Gain Experience. Grow Your Network.

Extracurricular opportunities across Cornell include career-related organizations that will expand your network, introduce you to opportunities, and prepare you for recruitment.


Healthcare Club

Network with students on the administrative and caregiving sides of healthcare.


Retail and Luxury Club

Connect with others interested in careers in the luxury and retail sectors.

“Cornell Johnson Marketing and General Management Club” written over the facade of Sage Hall.

General Management Club

Join others looking for GM roles in sectors of all kinds.

“Human Captial Association” written over McGraw Tower.

Human Capital Association

Among its many offerings, this club connects students to HR pros.


High Tech Club

This club aims to help you find your dream job in tech through events and tools.

Next Steps: Applying to the Johnson School

If you’re looking for a flexible MBA program—one that allows you to customize your path of study to fit your unique interests—we encourage you to apply to the two-year program at the Johnson School.