An MBA for Digital Technology Leaders

Tech-savvy, data-driven business leaders can make a big impact on their organizations. Whether you’re looking to become a product manager or technology consultant or lead digital teams, a technology MBA will give you the knowledge you need to advance your career and move your company forward.

The Johnson School Two-Year MBA program offers a semester-long digital technology immersion that will prepare you to tackle business problems through strategic technological and data-informed solutions.

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What Is the Digital Technology Immersion (DTI)?

The digital technology immersion (DTI) builds the soft and hard skills you need to become a successful product manager, not only in the tech sector, but anywhere digital products and services are designed, developed, and delivered to customers. This immersion also prepares you for tech consulting and digital transformation related roles.

Ever-evolving to meet industry standards and consumer needs, the DTI also covers technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR)—and how they impact business and product strategy. You’ll explore these topics and more through classes, cases, guest lectures, and a semester-long, team-based project.

Digital Technology Immersion Curriculum: What You Will Learn

In this practical, hands-on immersion, you’ll learn how to communicate, solve problems, and bring digital products to market. Along the way, you will learn about the latest technologies impacting the world today while also working on a project which familiarizes you with the complete product lifecycle from conception through launch. In addition, you have electives that you can choose to acquire as much technical depth as you would like from SQL for business to Coding. Our dynamic digital technology curriculum includes:

Core Courses

Develop core operational and analytical skills while gaining a deep understanding of the tech industry.


Participate in team-based projects to solve real-world business challenges with the help of an industry coach.

Elective Classes

Expand your knowledge with electives in areas like AI, strategy, marketing, and product management.

Develop Key Digital Skills

This robust immersion program gives you specialized skills—such as basic coding and data analysis techniques—that you’ll need to start or advance your career in the tech sector. Our courses and practical experiences have a particular focus on:

Working in Teams

Build collaboration and communication skills to succeed on cross-functional teams. 

Product Management

Help bring digital products to life, from conception to market, on time and on budget. 

Advanced Analytics

Dig deep into the power of data. Learn how to gather, analyze, and present key information.

Latest Technologies

Build awareness of industry trends, from emerging platforms to implementation best practices.

Our Faculty: Digital Technology and Consulting Expertise

Digital Immersion courses are led by scholars with deep research experience in technology, as well as industry-leading practitioners who’ve worked with some of the biggest names in tech, such as Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn, and Deloitte.

Headshot of Keith Cowing.

Keith Cowing

Visiting Lecturer

Career Paths: Where Business Meets Technology

With a rich, tech-focused curriculum, this digital immersion equips you for a wide range of positions across the tech sector. Three particularly popular career paths include:

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Product Management in the Technology Industry

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Consulting in Digital Technology/Digital Transformation

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Career Outcomes: Success in Tech

Our digital MBA students stand out to employers around the world, from Fortune 500 companies to startups of all kinds. They find internships and full-time positions with companies such as:

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Immersion Highlights: Cross-Campus Collaborations

Digital technology is all about collaboration. One of the highlights of the DTI is how it branches beyond any one school or department. Not only will you be surrounded by your digital MBA peers, but you’ll also learn alongside MPS and engineering students with degrees in computer science, engineering, and information science/UX/UI. This unique team setting is similar to what you will encounter as a product manager or tech consultant in the workplace.

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Expand Your Digital Tech Learning: Opportunities across the College

In addition to the intensive, semester-long DTI, the Johnson School’s two-year MBA allows you to explore digital technology in many other ways, from electives to extracurricular experiences.

Areas of Focus: Choosing a Tech Specialty

During your second year in the MBA program, you can choose an area of focus, which allows you to use your elective credits to continue to build specialized skills and knowledge. Options that might appeal to tech-savvy students include: 

Technology Product Management

Data Modeling & Analytics

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Consulting & Strategy

Clubs and Organizations: Get Involved in the Tech Community

The Johnson School two-year MBA is full of extracurricular opportunities, including student organizations dedicated to the tech sector. Consider joining one or more to build skills—and build your network.

High Tech Club (HTC)

Aimed at helping its members land jobs and internships, this club offers a range of career-focused resources and events.


Cornell FinTech Club

This organization offers weekly discussions, team-based projects, career-focused programming, and social events.


Johnson Consulting Club

Part of the Johnson School’s rich consulting ecosystem, this club offers career work groups, lectures, recruiting treks, and more.


Next Steps: Applying to the Johnson School

With the option to add the DTI, the Johnson School’s two-year MBA program is ideal for tech-focused business leaders. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply to our two-year program today.