Digital Technology

Digital Technology Immersion (DTI)

Immerse yourself in the most intense, business-relevant, digital technology experience available, ready to tackle your employer’s challenges the moment you begin your internship.


Students in the digital technology immersion develop firsthand experience and technical knowledge critical for success in high tech. In this cross-disciplinary immersion, students learn to leverage the power of analytics to solve business problems.

Career Paths

  • Consulting in digital technology
  • Product management in the technology industry
  • Analytics
  • Data science

A Sample of Companies Recruiting Here

From small startups to Fortune 500 companies, recent digital technology immersion students secured MBA internships and full-time employment across a wide range of companies and industries such as:

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • McKinsey
  • Commonbond
  • Altman Vilandrie
  • KPMG
  • Procter & Gamble
  • IBM
  • Extreme Blue
  • Salesforce


The digital technology immersion, teaming MBA candidates and MPS students from Cornell Computing and Information Science to address challenges facing leading-edge companies, is the only program to focus on digital technologies and build students’ skill sets in coding, databases, and advanced analytics in support of business strategy.

Curriculum Details

From taking core courses to participating in cross-functional teams that tackle company challenges, students enrolled in the DTI immersion gain a deep understanding of the technology industry and learn how to effectively communicate and problem solve. DTI’s dynamic curriculum includes:

  • Core courses focused on operations and analytics
  • Electives in strategy, analytics, marketing, and product management
  • DTI practicum
  • Actionable solutions for companies’ projects

Key Skills Developed

The semester in digital technology immersion cultivates and strengthens your skillsets with a special focus on:

  • Coding
  • Advanced analytics
  • How to communicate effectively with technical and creative employees

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Clubs & Associations

Take advantage of clubs, associations, and networking opportunities related to the digital technology immersion, such as:

The High Tech Club

The High Tech Club or HTC supports and provides resources to Johnson students pursuing careers in the technology industry.

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Digital Technology Immersion

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Digital Technology Immersion at Work

Alex Woo

Nixon funding makes exposure to international business, culture, and language possible


Alex Woo, MBA ’17

Nixon funding makes exposure to international business, culture, and language possible